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Mayday - Get The Facts

Updated: May 28, 2021

Mayday and R.I.T. Facts

LODD, Mayday and RIT Facts

From 2010 – 2015 in the United States there was 10 LODD where proper PPE was involved

o 0 in abandoned or vacant buildings

o 0 whilst preforming VEIS

In the year 2015, there was over 900 maydays in career fire departments that submitted information to Project Mayday. They showed;

o Most maydays happen in 7 – 9 minutes of the first on scene crew arriving

o The average extraction of a mayday firefighter takes 19 minutes

o In all those maydays, the IC only performed a full 360 22.7% of the time, of that 22.7%, 37% found fire and smoke in a different location then they first thought!

o 71% of firefighters that called a mayday were on a crew unsupervised by an officer

o RIT was only established by the first in officer 46% of the time & 60% of the time that RIT was 3 or less firefighters

o 54% of all maydays were the first crew on scene

o 57% of all maydays were engine companies operating hose lines

o 37.3% of all maydays were from falling through a roof or floor. Of those maydays only 11% ever sounded the surface.

(side note - recent UL studies show us sounding the floor is not a good tactic and an inspection hole is better, reason being in all unprotected floor systems tested only in legacy and ones with Intumescent coating did burn through of the sheeting actually occur. Only in legacy floor systems did we see the surface of the floor reach a temperature above 250 degrees Fahrenheit before total collapse. Most floors didn’t get anywhere close and they didn’t have carpet or any finishing on them!)

o 52.7% of through-the-floor maydays were from the first floor into the basement

o Only 8% of the maydays were in hoarder houses and 38.7% were in vacant homes

o 77% of the officers of the mayday firefighter admitted to never doing mayday drills with their crew

o 30% of firefighters delayed calling in the mayday because they had to think about it first, not wanting to be "that guy." It is better to live and have a nickname than have a hall named after you.

o Out of all these maydays, 19.9% ended in permanent disability, costing an estimated $614,000,000.00 US dollars

o 30.6% of the time, the mayday firefighter was rescued by another interior crew

o 25.3% of the time, the mayday firefighter was rescued by their own crew

o 22.7% of the time, the mayday firefighter performed Self-Rescue

These facts should help you make better decisions, whether you're on the nozzle or in command.


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