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Mayday 101

Updated: Jun 25, 2020


When you make the rounds of any number of firehalls and training centres, you often hear the debate of, "how do you call your MAYDAY?"

Well, before you make up your mind and start to dig in, consider a couple of key factors;

  1. How much do you practice your self-rescue techniques?

  2. Does your team have SOGs that reflect the agreed upon process?

  3. Does it give incident command and RIT enough information to start the rescue?

  4. Does each member of the team understand what you use and why you use it?

  5. Can you recall the pneumonic effectively when under duress?

  6. Have you practiced delivering this information while "on air" and using the radios that you use onscene?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself ( and answering! ) before you critique another FD. In fact, spending less time criticizing and more time training is always the best practice.


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