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What We Offer!

We love what we do and are passionate about passing our knowledge on to others.


Everyone in "the business" works from predominately the same material. What we offer is instructors with a depth of knowledge and experience that is always above standard, and adheres to NFPA and WSBC regulations. We come to you, and help you become more "safe, efficient and effective" with your Team and your gear. We'll deliver the necessary "3 Levels of Know-skills and Go-skills", in the right blend, so that you and your Team can retain, recall and perform when SHTF.  

We are so confident that we can meet your needs that we guarantee that if you and your team don't find any one of our instructors above average, or if you find any course lacking, we will be working for free.

            Leadership - Emergency Scene Management - Strategy and Tactics


We provide instruction on a wide range of leadership skills and knowledge.

From the ICS system to Fire Scene command and control, we can work with your current or upcoming leadership groups to deliver the confidence and abilities to lead, and serve, your teams to successful outcomes.

            Vehicle Rescue

We deliver practical, retainable and repeatable vehicle rescue training that will arm your teams with the knowledge, skills and abilities to have positive outcomes on MVIs of all levels. From passenger vehicles to heavy machinery rescue, we have you covered.

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2-day and 4-day Firefighter self-rescue and Rapid Intervention Team training. We cover individual and partner self-rescue knowledge and skills and Rapid Intervention Team preparation and response.

            K9 Training


We cover obedience, area search ( urban and wilderness ) trailing and tracking, as well as protection and apprehension.

         HazMat and Special Operations

Awareness to Technician level training available for:

- Hazardous Materials

- Technical High Angle Rope Rescue

- Confined Space Rescue

- Trench Rescue

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