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Vehicle Rescue 101 - Stabilization

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

"To stabilize or not stabilize?", that is the question!

You roll up on scene and you have a multiple level entrapment with an urgent release category.

“Do you we have time to stabilize?”

First, if we follow the 10 Steps to Vehicle Rescue, we will be looking at immediately bringing an extinguisher / pulling a line to initially contribute to stabilizing the scene. This should be done EVERY TIME.

Second, how long does it take you or your team to pull a line, get the pump primed and the line charged? ...30 seconds? ...45 seconds? ...60 seconds? How long can the average human being withstand imminent direct flame contact, while trapped in their car? I think we all can agree, it would be far better to have a charged line immediately accessible when SHTF rather than starting from zero, while the car burns.

Third, you and your team will be far more safe and effective when everyone knows that they scene and vehicles have been stabilized and secured. Metal tends to move where you want it to and stay where you need it to, on a properly stabilized vehicle.

A "roll-away" vehicle or a pinched/crushed rescuer will definitely complicate a rescue and generally ruin an otherwise positive day!

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